About the company: The origins of ZK

ZK was established in the second half of the ‘90s with the mission of developing, producing and selling light commercial vehicles and their components.

ZK was born in the Turin area, the historical cradle of Italy’s automotive industry, and has its registered office and production units in Orbassano.

ZK, which brings together a number industrial initiatives, is organised in 4 different sectors:

  • ZK Italia S.r.l. studies, designs and develops new vehicles in close cooperation with Iveco-Zastava Kamioni d.o.o. of Kragujevac (Serbia), where mass produced components are assembled.
  • ZK - CTV S.r.l. (Vehicle Conversion Centre) creates complete vehicles for specific uses, for “turn-key” sales to the final user. It is able to meet all transport needs and produce the widest variety of vehicles and superstructures, including breakdown vans, road maintenance vehicles, fire engines, vehicles for the transport of the disabled, defence vehicles, etc.
  • Veicoli Industriali S.a.s. is responsible for importing, exporting and distributing vehicle parts.
  • ZK Motors is responsible for the marketing and sale of road and off-road cars, commercial vehicles, and all the products that are part of the automotive world, whether running on 2, 4 or more wheels.