ZK stems from an original idea of its founder, who had a thorough knowledge of the automotive market and, having identified significant gaps in the product line-ups of the main commercial vehicle manufacturers, was able to work out the specifications of a vehicle made-to-measure for the most exacting tasks.
In 1998, in order to meet the needs of the most demanding users, the ZK 101 35.10 was created according to the functional specifications identified in this manner: an aggressively styled cab, mated to equally remarkable contents in terms of performance, habitability, ease of use and all-wheel-drive.
Reliability was entrusted to mechanical parts and a drive train characterised by, and appreciated for, simple construction, widespread use, competitiveness.
We believe that the degree of sturdiness and dependability of this vehicle is truly unique.

Its characteristics, which are almost legendary, have become the heritage of the company and a model for ZK designers in their drive for constant improvement.
A tradition that continues to inspire progress and which is reflected in ZK’s new models, the R1b and the R3 (2005). The strength of the unbeatable Iveco engine, combined with the great character of the Zastava chassis-frame and the appreciable versatility of the ZK cab, provides fresh energy to the R1 and leads the ZK brand to success.

At ZK the future is now.