The 4-cylinder IVECO engine delivering 106 HP is one of the strong points of the R1.

The IVECO 2.8 HPI Turbo equipping all the models of the R1, in its euro4 version, ensures torque and power values making for optimal driving dynamics even on highly irregular surfaces, even with a full load. The 8140 IVECO engine is greatly appreciated for its long-service life and dependability on any task, even in tropical climates.








Low fuel consumption (as low as 205 g/kWh at 1,800 rpm, i.e., at highest torque value for the direct injection engine) enables the actuators to be operated economically by means of a PTO, which is a standard feature on all ZK vehicles. The generous dimensions of the engine and all mechanical parts make it possible to offer a comprehensive 24 months warranty on the entire vehicle.

The fruit of Iveco technology, one of the world leaders in diesel engine production, these power units are characterised by a “flat” torque curve - all to the benefit of driveability and low fuel consumption - and by exhaust emissions in keeping with the strict limits imposed by the euro3 directive. This is achieved thanks to the electronically managed common-rail direct injection, featuring pilot pre-injection, resulting in an improvement of up to 40% in silent running.

Engine: IVECO 2.8 HPI Turbo intercooler delivering 106 HP, with second generation common-rail; max. power output from 2900 to 3600 rpm and peak torque of 250 Nm at 1800 rpm. Euro 3.